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#5 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2017
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Thank you @Kwdinc for hunting us, really exciting day for us at PushPrime. To give you a basic idea about why we decided to create PushPrime, we come from a mobile apps development background and in that world Push notifications play a major role, push notifications are one of the biggest medium to bring users back to your mobile app, a few months back we wanted to implement the web notifications and found that most existing services use notifications as a broadcast medium, and since our need was more like sending personalized or targeted notifications to users or a group of users (like some activity on a user's profile or sending notifications to users all of whom commented on a post), we decided to develop our own solution and we were amazed by the engagement it created between our service and users, so we decided to bring the same solution to the pubic and PushPrime is the result of that, hope you guys like it :)
@tilal_husain How do you target users? Based on the pages/ tags (WordPress) they visit?
@binoyxj, you can setup segments and assign them exact URL or patterns, when our sdk detects that the location of a user on your website matches the pattern connected to a segment, they will be added to that segment automatically and than you can send them notification by that segment, for direct targeting to individual users you have to pass id of the user to our javascript sdk and than you can send notification to that user by adding their ID in our notification composer.
@tilal_husain Cool. This is interesting.
Curious to know how is this different from other paid push notification / web browser notification platforms. Can you shed some light on this? (https://www.marketfox.io/push-no... - I'm Co-Founder of Marketfox)
@iamsooraj Definitely, as I mentioned in the first comment, our main goal was to create a service which could be used in real life app scenarios, the existing services provide little tools for that, their main focus is usually marketing (like sending product offers or marketing notifications to whole user base), we wanted a service which could let you target your users individually, like sending a message directly regarding some activity on their account or related to their action on your service, our service is currently being used in different app scenarios, ranging from credit card processing verification to sending forgot password links among some of the use cases.
@iamsooraj And not to mention that among paid services, we have the most affordable and competitive pricing :)
@tilal_husain @iamsooraj Interesting differentiators. I like the ans of not really comparing the products. This whole space is just getting started and you've a good scope out there..good luck.
And whats difference between this and onesignal?
@evivz I am not gonna create a difference between PushPrime and other services because it would be unprofessional, but a general difference between unpaid services and pushprime is that we won't be selling your data to third parties, that is why we decided to charge a little fee for our services, the other major difference between us and other services is our ability to send targeted and customized notifications, for example you can create groups of your users based on the portion of your website they visit and then setup recurring notifications to be sent to them.
@tilal_husain @evivz we use OneSignal and I don't think it's fair to imply that they sell our data to 3rd party services. EDIT: OneSignal does sell data and it's part of their business model. (I assume anonymized)
@nivo0o0 @evivz Hi Niv, I didn't imply anything, I didn't even mention OneSignal, I just explained a general difference between paid and unpaid services.
@tilal_husain @evivz dude. you answered a question about onesignal and deflected by explaining a difference between a paid and unpaid service, positioning you as the paid service. that is the definition of implying.
@nivo0o0 @tilal_husain they do sell data: they cleared said this to me in email.
This looks a lot like OneSignal
Yes, the general idea is similar, but it is not fair to create competition between 2 services just because they address same issue or offer similar functionality. Again I would rather not go into debate about who is better and who is not. :)
Congrats on the launch! A big barrier to the adoption of web push has simply been educating publishers about this new channel, so we welcome the competition.
@george_deglin Thank you George :), yes, this is proving to be the biggest barrier for us as well.