Pushpop for Slack

Push your analytics data into Slack

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Alexa Meyer
Alexa MeyerMaker@alexakmeyer · Founder & CEO, Orchid
We needed a way to post alerts and information about our analytics to Slack, so we built pushpop-slack. Feedback and pull requests welcome - it's all open source. :)
Frank Denbow
Frank Denbow@frank_denbow · Founder of INK'A
@alexakmeyer Very cool. Have a few ways I can get this implemented. Nice!
Joe Wegner
Joe WegnerMaker@joe_wegner · Open Source Something, Keen IO
@frankdenbow Nice! Feel free to reach out via github or the slack chat (slack.keen.io) if you have any trouble or questions!
Ry Walker
Ry Walker@rywalker · CEO, Astronomer
Nice - I recently did a post on how to push to Slack from Meteor http://blog.differential.com/set... Slack all the things!
oliver binkhorst
oliver binkhorst@obinkhorst · Pick winners. Aún aprendo.
Anything open source gets my (up)vote 👍
Chris Duell
Chris Duell@duellsy · CEO & Co-Founder @elevioapp
This is a really clever little addon for you guys, nice work!