Pushh 2.0

Track your fitness selfies, now even better!

Thanks for posting this Emiel. We're hoping people will love this new and improved version. New features include: - iCloud Sync - Touch ID support - HealthKit Integration - Rewrite in Swift - Photo Filters - Edit after taking a Photo Be sure to read about the new features here: https://medium.com/yummygum-jour... Also, if you have any questions, let us know ;-)
@colorlab Looking hot, as always with everything you guys touch. 😍 Too bad I have such a hard time getting myself motivated to go to the gym.
@emieljanson @colorlab and unfortunatly there's no app for that 😁
@snapeuh @colorlab I can see Pushh app can help a little although the 'reward' aka progress pics are a long term reward.
@emieljanson @colorlab of course it is! It's always great to see the result of our efforts 😊