Keep track of your fitness selfies

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Awesome and gorgeous looking app by the Yummygum boys. Yummygum is one of the best design studios based in Amsterdam. Pushh is their side project. I think they did an amazing job. @colorlab, @leonephraim join the conversation. :)
This is a significantly better solution than keeping fitness selfies in your photo library and accidentally showing them to someone when you are going through your photos... awkward.
@thomasmeagher Exactly! This way it stays private and when you're ready, you can show it to the world. Appreciate the kind words Thomas.
This would've been useful for me. Lost 40lbs+ in 2014. This is definitely a good way to keep people motivated.
@brackin Wow, great job! If you have some older photos you can import them to start your timeline filled.
We hope you (aspiring) fit guys & girls will enjoy this little iPhone app. If you have any feedback or thoughts, please do share!
@colorlab I would love to see an example of the movies you can export with Pushh. Especially with the 'ghost' photo function I bet you can make great videos. People don't download your app because they like to make pictures of their body every day, they download it because they want to make a video (or before/after picture). I guess. Just show me what the videos are like.
@emieljanson You're totally right Emiel and we should update this on the homepage. We have a (lame) preview here http://cl.yg.gs/2h3w360f261I
@colorlab That isn't lame. Can you easily add crossfades between the pictures? I would also add this to the App Store video you can upload.
Very clean design. Are the health metrics all self-reported, or do you plan on tying in with existing wearables, etc? +1 for the time lapse video. The "Noah Every Day" of fitness.
@zachdunn At this time it's self-reported, should totally look into HealthKit and wearables though! Great idea.