Keep track of your fitness selfies

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Vince Schwidder
@vschwid · Co-Founder & Designer, Yummygum
We've published a few bug fixes for passcode protection, units and Photo Export. Update to 1.04 to get the best experience :-)
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Emiel Janson
@emieljanson · Designer, Blendle
Awesome and gorgeous looking app by the Yummygum boys. Yummygum is one of the best design studios based in Amsterdam. Pushh is their side project. I think they did an amazing job. @colorlab, @leonephraim join the conversation. :)
tom meagher
@tomfme · now is good.
This is a significantly better solution than keeping fitness selfies in your photo library and accidentally showing them to someone when you are going through your photos... awkward.
Andrew Brackin
@brackin · Marketing at Visor
This would've been useful for me. Lost 40lbs+ in 2014. This is definitely a good way to keep people motivated.
Vince Schwidder
@vschwid · Co-Founder & Designer, Yummygum
We hope you (aspiring) fit guys & girls will enjoy this little iPhone app. If you have any feedback or thoughts, please do share!
Zach Dunn
@zachdunn · CPO & Co-Founder, Robin
Very clean design. Are the health metrics all self-reported, or do you plan on tying in with existing wearables, etc? +1 for the time lapse video. The "Noah Every Day" of fitness.