Test iOS push notification easily

Tired of editing notification payload data or device token and sending push notification manually using Terminal?
Give Pushever a try! Pushever lets you send push notification with a click using either .p12 certificates or .p8 auth key (drag and drop).
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Axel Kee
Indie iOS Dev, Sweatshop Solutions
Hi Product Hunters! Maker of this app here, I work as an iOS dev and deal with push notification a lot. There's plenty of app that lets you test push notification, but most of them retrieved credential from keychain and it can be inconvenient as you need to import them first. There's also online web service that provide this service, but sometimes due to organizational security requirement, we can't upload certificate to a third party service. I developed this app to solve a pain of mine, which I can drag and drop certificate / auth key and send notification with one click. The certificate / auth key and notification payload are stored securely in system keychain. Hope this helps you debug push notification!
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