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AWESOME. Love pusher. How easy would it be to migrate push notifications from Parse to Pusher? Also - interested in knowing why you all decided to move into this space? What are you doing different/better than competitors? Such as Fabric or PubNub?
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@jordan_qj @mscccc OneSignal offers its service for free & there're SDKs for many platforms. But OneSignal also hurts its customers due to poor segmentation control. For ex: they don't allow to set conditions with regex (every conditions are based on string & datetime), no autocompleting for saved tags .. At the moment, we have around 400k subscribed devices on OneSignal & every time we try to create new segments, it's pain every time. Notifications are one of effective (!) marketing channel now so that our marketing team really need a way to measure their campaigns & users' behaviors after they were invoked into anyone. One Signal does not offer this since it's a hub to send notifications only.
@dtlvan Hey Mak. I'm one of the founders of OneSignal and we greatly appreciate this feedback. We've designed our custom tags system to be very flexible by not limiting the number of possible tag keys, as well as supporting "not equal", "less than [number]", and "greater than [number]" operations. This does have the side effect of preventing us from easily autocompleting tag names since there's no limit on the number of possible names. Nevertheless, we're always seeking to make this better. Our segmentation tools are currently undergoing several improvements at this moment and I'd like to make sure that your frustrations go away after these improvements. Could you get in touch with me at george@onesignal.com with some examples of segments that you've found difficult to create? As for measuring post-notification behavior, OneSignal integrates with all mobile analytics tools. We provide callbacks that can be invoked both when a notification is received and when it is clicked, and these callbacks can be used to send events to the analytics system of your choice. OneSignal already reports notification clicks on our dashboard, and we will soon be providing data on influenced opens and post-notification behavior on the dashboard as well.
Will it have Ionic/Cordova/Phonegap integration?
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@marioperezp_ I appreciate the feedback, we're looking into it!
@jordan_qj @marioperezp_ I will definitely use it if it's cordova compatible.
The Mobile Push Notifications API from Pusher -- a free and unlimited API to build cross-platform apps and send programmable Push Notifications to iOS and Android devices. -- Docs: https://pusher.com/docs/push_not... -- Tutorial: https://pusher.com/tutorials/pus... We're building lots of features to integrate it with Pusher's Realtime API and developer tools. Send me your feedback jordan@pusher.com
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Awesome - I think we're paying $50/mo for Pushwoosh right now. How does this compare?
Why would I use this instead of Firebase Cloud Messaging?
@jacoplane firebase Android SDK requires Google Play services makes your app not usable in most phones in China. No worry if China is not your target market.
@jacoplane We just released support for Firebase Cloud Messaging, meaning that our API lets you send to APNs, GCM, and FCM with one simple Pub/sub subscription model. http://bit.ly/FCM-MPN
@jacoplane @jaxondu When I test in the phone that cannot have Google Play Service, push notification didn't work. But it is work on the phone that have google play service.
Oh yeah! Mega Sweet! I will check that one out! Currently debating the Push Notifications subject in house! Thanks for hunting!