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I'm looking to give this a try as I was not a big fan of Intercom's in-app delivery of messages. Push on devices have trained users to react to notifications nearly instantly and I think PushCrew can help exploit this behavior on the web.
@spencerchen thanks Spencer for adding PushCrew to ProductHunt. Honestly we didn't mean to "launch" today but, I guess we'll go along the flow =) The reason we built PushCrew is because we think push notifications on desktop and mobile websites opens up an entirely new communication medium. Email marketing suffers from reduced open and click rates, so push notifications gives a fresh way to reach and market users. We see it a very good complement to email marketing. The product is extremely easy to setup and works on all types of websites. Takes <5 minutes to setup. Plus, we're keeping it FREE for early adopters. So hit us up on info@pushcrew.com if you want to try on your website. I and the rest of the crew is here to answer your questions.
@paraschopra Congrats on the surprise launch! Things rarely happen to plan, eh? This is a very cool technology. Good luck and I'll keep it in mind for future projects.
@whoacassidy Yep. It was a very pleasant surprise and we did celebrate! Here's a picture of the PushCrew team. We just got back from the celebratory dinner :) https://twitter.com/paraschopra/...
@paraschopra Looks very nice. I can absolutely see places where I can use that on my sites. Will drop you a mail
Roost has been around for about a year now. They were in my YC batch last summer. What would you say makes this different?
Congrats on the launch! The biggest challenge among providers of web push marketing services is simply building awareness that it's even possible. Over the next couple of years I predict web push will start to surpass email as the top way that online sites communicate with their users -- it's truly the engagement channel of the future.
Just FYI: I clicked on "See in action", and got a Chrome notification. Then nothing happened. You may want to push some notifications on my Chrome.. 2c.
@gorkemcetin Which Chrome version are you using? We'll get it checked at our end.
@gorkemcetin Did you click on 'Allow' in the Chrome opt-in box? Once you click on Allow, you'll get an example notification from us. The notifications are clickable and upon clicking, take you to a video of our product dashboard. Let us know if it still doesn't work at info@pushcrew.com
@taruna2309 Sure, I allowed that.. I got it after some time btw. Thanks for update. I'd also suggest that as a new player, you provide clear pricing instructions that wouldn't enforce me to email you ("others also do that, and have a good pricing, so what is it taking me to your service and spend my time to communicate with you?", I would ask). Just a comment, not a critics ;-)
So when I see this, I immediately think of the Airpush disaster in the Android world from a few years ago. (If you don't remember, it was an ad SDK that used the notification bar for advertising, without permission.) The difference being, of course, that you require users to explicitly opt-in, which is great. Awesome actually. What's missing, and never got to really be fleshed out in the Airpush thing before it went entirely off the rails, is how this tool can be beneficial to the user and not just the publisher. Once you can tell that story, definitely see this becoming part of the fabric of the web.
@shloky Great points! Yes, unlike email, possibility of spam for push notifications is actually less because the control lies entirely with the user. Your point on how it becomes more important to the user is an open question right now, but we're confident that the open nature of the web (unlike apps) will open up a lot of possibilities for this technology. Do you have any ideas on where this tech might go?