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Cool little idea. V2 needs to have a safe cap like the one from a rocket launch. :)
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@tonyschumaker Yep! Good idea :)
But this should be combined with the sirens.mp3 from @razvanilin
Hi Product Hunt, When I was making my site, I kept having to deploy it with a command in my shell. I thought what if I could deploy my entire site with just pushing one big button. So I made Push to Deploy. It’s a programmable USB button which deploys your startup, app, site (or rocket ship) when you hit it. It's available for pre-order now and will be shipped by June 2017. You can also program it to your own actions like: - Run a Shell script - Run git status - Add a Sublime shortcut or any other software shortcut - Refresh your inbox
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This is how I imagine deploying my own site if I have learned the coding technology.
ffplay sirens.mp3 deploy
The easy button!