Push More is a Telegram bot that shows any webhook requests that are sent to it. It's a simple tool for developers for get notified of anything in they like in their messenger app of choice, Telegram.

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We switched from Slack to Telegram a few months ago for our team communication at BetaList. Some of our website notifications (new signups, certain errors, etc) still were sent to Slack though through a variety of integrations. I made a simple service that accepts webhook requests and posts them to Telegram. You can interface with the bot directly (@pushmorebot) or add it to a group to have notifications show up there. You can use it in multiple groups and have different notifications for each. One caveat right now is that that the webhook URL is visible to anyone in the group so be careful when using it in a public group. (If there's enough interest I'll add some privacy controls.) The code is based on another Telegram bot I launched last month called Eat More: http://producthunt.com/posts/eat... I open sourced that one a few weeks ago: http://github.com/marckohlbrugge... I currently don't have any plans to open source Push More, but I might consider it if there's enough interest. I'm also considering introducing a paid plan for high volume users + additional features.
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Smart. We need more of this kind of tools for Telegram.
Hi! This is really great and useful, I've been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks 🙌 I'm getting an errore in Zapier (after a successful first test), where can I send you a mini support request?
@linuz90 Oh smart. Hadn't tried it with Zapier yet. You can reach me on Telegram: @marckohlbrugge
Yay! Last month I wished for a tool like this: https://twitter.com/fishsander/s.... Actually yesterday I was considering building it myself as no one had done it yet. Seems like your requestforstartup.co still works. Nice!
this is great! is it possible to add the bot / a bot to a Telegram group? my use case is get notified my Mailjet when a registration email bounces or is not delivered. But I would like a group of people to know if that happens. Like in a slack #channel