Push It

Simple location aware messaging

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Like it. Really cool design too. Reminds me of Ping, like this new style in apps.
@syswarren Thank you Julie!
Hi guys, I am one of the co-founders of Push It. Would love to get everyones feedback and answer your questions.
@talkaboutdesign Great UX. I made a few mobile messaging/social apps in the past and noticed that there was no tutorial or sign up flow in Push It. We found that we got a lot high opt-ins, for both sign ups and push notifications if we showed the users a tutorial or explained to them what the app was before signing up. Are you guys seeing a large dropoff of users (real users, not PH people who are just curious) who downloaded the app but don't sign up? Happy to chat more if that helps. Cheers, Henry
@henrythe9ths Thanks for the feedback. We are working on a better on-boarding process. We saw a small drop off when people had no one to talk to, and we expanded the radius a little bit. Hat helped.
Very slick and well designed app by @talkaboutdesign. Talk to people around you: "When you are using the app all messages are displayed in your main feed, and it automatically refreshes when new messages come in. When the app is in the background this process works through push notifications that show up in notification center. Using new quick actions you can swipe each notification to reveal more options, one of which gives you the ability to quickly reply to a message."