Push for REM Sleep

Send push notifications into user's dreams.

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Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle@timithmcdoyle · PacketZoom
I'm glad someone is finally tackling the problem of lackluster performance for In Dream Purchases (IDP's). I particularly enjoy the level of respect for those push notes received during a nightmare. Seeing as my night terrors have become more frequent since consuming the recently launched Taco Bell Biscuit Taco, this feature is quite important. Really looking forward to seeing a case study!
Dylan S
Dylan S@scandylan · The way we think interests me
100% of the world's human population sleeps. Less than 1% of all sleepers buy things in their sleep. Upsight's Data Science team is in the process of enabling companies to target those high-value sleepers directly to increase conversion and target the #rightusers at the #righttime with the #rightmessage to drive #measurableresults. Current Beta tester and unofficial Product Manager, Christopher Nolan, remarks: "Revenue from my 2010 movie, Inception, has trickled off since it's inception in 2010 when we inceptioned everyone with the idea that we can inception people with ideas and engage with them in their sleep. Partnering with Upsight's real-time segmentation tools and deep user behavior analytics, we were able to re-release the movie in select bedrooms, increase revenue 1345734862% week over week (WoW), and finally get the Academy to give DiCaprio an Oscar. The next biggest, hugest, ginormous thing is here. Our next move will be to bring Inception and Upsight REM Sleep Notifications to Oculus Sleep Helmet." Waking groggily after being disturbed by a REM Sleep notification, Upsight's CEO told VentureBat reporters, "Together, we can revolutionize sleep commerce and take your big mobile data to bigger-deeper depths," before going back to sleep.