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#4 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2016
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John Biggs
John Biggs@johnbiggs · Maker, doer, writer.
This will go straight to spam.
Adrian Salamunovic
Adrian Salamunovic@adrian_salamunovic
@johnbiggs agreed. And for people who don't know John worked for TechCrunch for many years. Not trying to hate on this idea but John is right.
Bryant Peng
Bryant Peng@bryantpeng · nobody
Wouldn't this come off mad impersonal bc the "from:" wouldn't be you, but hello@pushforpress.com or something? I might be missing something but pretty sure they can't send emails on your behalf, cc at most.
Tweets by Musolé 🇿🇲  🇺🇸 🇦🇴
Tweets by Musolé 🇿🇲 🇺🇸 🇦🇴@musolek · Marketing+SocialMedia+Crypto | #Travel
@bryantpeng @pushforpress Intrigued to know this as well.
Adrian Salamunovic
Adrian Salamunovic@adrian_salamunovic
This is NOT how you pitch the media. Trust me. I've been featured here on PH #2 position in several categories, dozens of stories in TechCrunch, Mashable, and pretty much every tech blog. These type of spray and pray tactics won't win over top tier journalists. There are some "PR hacks" that can help automate certain tasks but the pitch needs to be hyper personalized and well thought out to stand out. 👎🏼
Elliot Isles
Elliot IslesMaker@elliotisles · Founder of Beyond the Pitch
@asalamunovic Hey Adrian, thanks for the feedback. This is interesting! Any ideas how we could personalise the press release per publication?
John Proksch-Whaley
John Proksch-Whaley@johnrwhaley · Hardware & Digital Designer
I'd love more details on how this works, and how well it's received on the other end. Do you have any case studies? Also, how do you guys make money?
chris bell
chris bell@thisischrisbell · Flight Canvas
Also interested in this!
Robert Gawdzik
Robert Gawdzik@rgawdzik · UWaterloo CS
@johnrwhaley Seems too good to be true!
Abe Storey
Abe Storey@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
These are the scenarios that made me wish PH had a down vote button.
Elliot Isles
Elliot IslesMaker@elliotisles · Founder of Beyond the Pitch
@abe_storey ↓ I made you one