Private job networking app for young professionals

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Hi Folks, we built the app to solve one problem – we look to our most trusted to contacts to help us find a job or hire great people. Especially, young professionals are looking for exciting new opportunities all the time and want to avoid the traditional recruiting processes that rely on email. We took Whatsapp concepts and applied it to recruiting to make it personal. With Pursue you can form your own private extended professional network (1st and 2nd degree) to post jobs, share jobs, refer friends, message hiring managers, and do video intros within that private network. It is still very early, but we hope to do a lot more soon. Please post any questions you have.
@ravi_yan Must needed thing for young professionals. Any plan for android launch?
@keyul Yes, we plan to get to Android once we complete the features we are working on for iOS.
Quite a lot of these popping up at the moment. Part of it I struggle to understand, as it's like young professionals want to find a job as if it's Tinder, swiping back and forth on the jobs they do and don't want to quickly apply for. I worry that this will lead to a lot more applications from candidates which are not relevant to the job spec. Overall though great app - but you have a lot of competition!
@theashtube Our focus is your trusted 1st and 2nd degree contacts, so think of this as a job feed from your network of 1000 or so extended professional network. There is no tool that does this today, as Linkedin and all others focus on working with recruiters. We are going to have more interesting features coming out soon that light up this private extended professional network.
@ravi_yan Hey Ravi, nice concept and a good solution for startup to hire candidates. We always ask our friends for references before hiring a candidate. I wish you best luck!