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Big fan of Purse and excited to see their latest announcement and public launch of Purse Merchants. Sell whatever with lowest fees on the world’s largest marketplace for bitcoin. Looks like they charge 1% compared to Etsy (3.5%), eBay (10%) and Amazon (8-20%).
Thanks Derek for hunting Merchants! Nice surprise this morning to see us listed. Before today, Purse had 250 Million SKUs available for purchase with Bitcoin at a better price than credit cards. With the launch of Merchants, we carry more SKUs than any other marketplace in the world including amazing products like Windcatcher (as seen on Shark Tank, Kickstarter https://app.purse.io/product/win...). It's hard to argue Bitcoin isn't a useful when virtually every product is now available at a better value than any other marketplace. Sell your products today for Bitcoin!
Fantastic product from an excellent team. I've been waiting for this launch for a while now and it's been exciting to see it happen. Why would you bother shopping anywhere else when you get the entire Amazon catalog for 20% off + etsy style merchants? Over the next few months I expect this platform to have some serious growth. If you've ever dealt with PayPal as a merchant, you know it's a nightmare. Bitcoin + Purse FTW.
Login with CoinBase from an iPhone6 doesn't work. I get a blanco screen.
@reach Thanks Rudi for letting us know. It's an issue with Coinbase Oauth on Chrome. Please try on Safari.
You want to sell bitcoin, Yes this also a good platform. If you have an doubt how to sell bitcoin check here, https://coinpedia.org/informatio...