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Save 5-30% off your Amazon purchases by using Bitcoin

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Chris Frantz
Whoa, this is a crazy business model. How can you not love this value prop, it reminds me of the same feeling I got when I discovered Paribus: "Order Electronics, Movies, Books, Clothes or even Food from Amazon and make your dollars stretch 15-25% further." Here's how they do it: "Here’s an example. Imagine you owe $1,000 to Alice, and instead of paying her back with dollars, you want to pay her back with Amazon gift-card credit. Alice refuses at first, because she needs cash to pay her bills. But when you insist, even offering to pay a premium of 30%, Alice becomes interested. Effectively, Purse allows Shoppers to be paired with “Earners” (Amazon Gift Card Holders), who then fulfill your order at your requested discount rate, in order to receive bitcoin in return." So smart. 👌
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@frantzlight Thanks for the love, Chris! We think we've combined bitcoin, e-commerce, and arbitrage in a unique and exciting way. Happy to debut our shopping experience to mobile users!
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Derek Minter
@PurseIO, Prev Founder at Honeybadgr
We’re excited to formally announce the launch of our official iOS mobile app. When we started Purse back in 2014, we were committed to making bitcoin a useful form of payment by creating use cases that people could truly cherish and enjoy integrating into their daily lives. Since our inception, the bitcoin space has grown substantially and matured significantly. And, as the industry has grown and matured, so has Purse and its great products and features. We believe that we’ve created a crucial platform for the industry, and we are happy to now be able to extend our services to mobile users. The majority of internet browsing is now done on mobile, and since bitcoin has no borders, neither should your discount shopping experience.
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@derekminter Thanks Derek, yep, we're making e-commerce more seamless with bitcoin and gift card arbitrage. You can learn more about how offers discounts to its customers, here: https://support.purse.io/general.... You can now discount shop from anywhere, and take your mobile bitcoin wallet with you anywhere (which is now powered by our fullnode bitcoin implementation, bcoin). We'll be adding more features to make the app more powerful in the near future. And, if you didn't know, you can order from Amazon.com thanks to our USendHome integration from almost anywhere in the world, and pay with bitcoin! https://support.purse.io/general...
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Marshall Hayner
CEO of Metal
Purse is really changing the game for bitcoin mainstream adoption and usage. The launch of this app is just one more inch forward to making an amazing use-case for cryptocurrency. #MBGA
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Simon Burns
Product Earnin, Growth at Opendoor.
Woah! Huge news @yata1_1 - congrats on shipping 🙌🏼 Will be a power user!
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Chuck KahnAssistant Editor, Freelance
Is this Amazon U.S. only or other Amazon markets? (like Amazon Canada)
Andre DeminiacBitaccess Inc.
@chuckkahn Their "Name Your Price" is available for most countries, but "Buy Now" is US only (at least according to their FAQ).