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Save 5-30% off your Amazon purchases by using Bitcoin

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Marshall Hayner
CEO of Metal
My favorite one stop bitcoin shop now on Android 😍
Derek Minter
@PurseIO, Prev Founder at Honeybadgr
Key features include an instant 5% savings on any items bought from Amazon using bitcoin, viewing and tracking pending orders, and integrated Purse support. Using the app, users can also save more by creating Amazon wish-lists, pasting them into the search bar to add them to their cart, and choosing how much they wish to save with Name Your Discount to save up to over 30%
Ivo Dimitrov
CPO at Modulbank, Founder of CNVS
What about iOS? And can you explain how do you do 5-30% off? Is that legal? πŸ˜‰
@gogola I believe is a multi way deal between people trying to get something for their existing Amazon gift cards and willing to take a hit on their value for a quick bitcoin buy, and thrifty buyers. Sometimes instead of gift cards it's third world countries folks trying to get a payment for mechanical turk work. If my explanation is clear as mud, it may be because I tried to string together what I think I am understanding from googling it...
😎 cool πŸ‘