Cute cat videos with every incoming call on your Android

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Hey Product Hunt! Thank you to @shaun_springer for the post! We all check our phones a ton everyday, yet notifications are generic, annoying and boring. The worst offender is the incoming call. Nobody likes that. Our team has been hard at work building a product to improve the lockscreen experience with more social, personalized content. In the meantime though, we wanted to use the tech stack to create something super simple and cute and beloved by the internet. CATS!
With puRRing, every incoming call triggers a random adorable cat video to replace the generic callerID photo. That’s it. Tap once and enjoy forever. Best of all, we’re working with local animal shelters to help spur adoption of rescue cats with the app. We hope you enjoy this simple free Android app (not on iOS yet), and stay tuned for a lot more soon! Cheers! http://purring.me/
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Recently my buddy Jeff called me to talk about how awful the lockscreen phone call experience is, and how he wanted to make it fun and social. Since the internet is in love with cats, they've decided to launch a cat-focused lockscreen experience that is really fun(ny) to use! @jeffrey_chernick can talk more about his vision for Vyng!
@shaun_springer Thx for the Hunt Shaun!!
The most adorable MVP I've ever seen. This team is aiming to introduce video ringtones as a concept- and their focus (cat videos) are a hilarious was to get this going. Send this to your fave cat lover
This fellow cat dad 100000% endorses this product. Now if I only had an Android phone... Maybe I'll get a burner phone for James (aka the cat).
@pe_feeds Sounds like a strong plan!
Today, I encourage you to vote for inspiration, vote for innocence, vote for everything that's good in the world, vote for KITTENS!!!! Okay honestly I'm not a cat guy, but I am a mindfulness guy and there's something about disrupting the 1,000th notification of the day with a video of kittens playing that reminds you not to take life too seriously. I'm a big fan and looking forward to what else the vyng team has in store. SO VOTE!