Purr-Moji App Cat Stickers

Cat emoticons stickers with "hooman" expressions

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@michelle_katzin_holland, I like the use of "Hooman." As a dog person, I had to look it up, but it totally fits PurrMojiApp! > "A misspelled word for human, mostly used when a cat "complains" to its human owner, or gets caught doing unusual stuffs like "Look hooman! I sleep on ur bed so ur gurlfrend iz sneezing wen she iz wit u!"
@brynatweets Dog people can love cats, too! Promise we'll look into something for your furry buddies, soon!
These cats are cute, added them to my collection https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@tahaqadri Glad you're having FUN with purr-mojis. Hope you share with your cat-loving friends!
Ha! Love these 😻
@jarrattisted Thanks for the feedback! Have fun sharing and stay tuned for more!
We are thrilled to bring our new brand for cat lovers to life and to feature it on Product Hunt! Our mission is pretty simple: Cats are the best and so are the people who love them. We want to make and share stuff that celebrates this cat love fest! This week we took our first step by launching a sticker pack on iMessage called purr-moji. They are fun and goofy emoji stickers aimed at expressing the “hooman” emotions cat lovers know exist just under the fur, even when it isn’t obvious to others. We realized that we weren’t the only ones who felt like most cat emoticons were not up to snuff, so we decided to do something about it. An Android version of this first pack is in development as is a set of holiday and winter wonderland stickers. We’re also working on a purr-moji app that will make phone functions more fun! Details to come! And, down the road, we aim to offer the kind of merchandise that cat lovers crave. Happiness is a good thing. We’re just trying to create opportunities for more cat happiness every day! I’m Michelle Holland and I’m part of the mother-daughter duo who decided that we could create more and better ways to share our cats’ personalities and crazy cat moments. Please reply here with suggestions for more emojis and stickers, download the app, and have FUN!