Your clarity & focus dashboard on every new tab

PurposeTab is your personal dashboard for clarity & focus. It's always accessible on every new tab - with visuals representing your goals, along with daily habits, to-do's, and a daily focus (and more) to help you accomplish them.
Hey PH community! Excited to launch my first product and post on here. I created PurposeTab because I wanted a single and visual yet minimalist way to remind myself of my goals - and the actions to achieve them. I got annoyed remembering to check multiple different apps, lists, etc., and found a lot of those tools to be overkill anyway for what I wanted to do. I decided a great way was to consolidate it in a single place where I can frequently and automatically see it - and figured a new tab Chrome extension was the way to do that. I've tried many new tab extensions that did some similar things, but ultimately found them to fall short in terms of usefulness. Haven't done a ton of marketing yet, but the feedback so far has been awesome with some exciting things on the roadmap. Excited to hear what you all think!
@jgold242 Jared, I love this! Such a simple idea. There are many new tab extensions that aim to do the same thing but yours is executed so well! It’s not enough to just be reminded of your goals constantly; you also need to act and establish new habits. Your extension helps with both and also provides visual reminders which are more powerful than just text. I don’t use chrome though. Any chance of turning this into a website/web app so that anybody can use it? 😄
@anna_0x Thank you for the kind words and feedback! Exactly our thought - we figured a new tab extension was the easiest way to make it easy to view exactly what you need to without thinking about it. One day a web app would be great, fingers crossed 😄 (though sadly not too soon haha)
@jgold242 thanks for the reply! Please let me know once the web app is ready ☺️ I’d appreciate it a lot! Wishing you the best of luck.