Daily journaling cards that fit in your pocket

PurposeCards were designed to be the easiest and most convenient way to journal daily. Two-sided and the size of a credit card so you can take charge of your day from anywhere.
Complete one half during the day, the other half at night, and store in the box.
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Hi PH πŸ‘‹ Today I'm rolling out my latest project, PurposeCards. I've always wanted a way to journal and reflect daily. Yet I've found existing guided journals clunky, restrictive, and hard to commit to. And I've found the apps reminding me to use them to be quite annoying (and it's easy to get distracted on other apps). There's something about physically writing. I have an ideas notebook, but that's separate and for free-flowing ideas. I wanted an easy way to journal daily that was guided yet portable, felt like an enjoyable daily ritual (not like a chore), and easy to store + review. So I came up with PurposeCards: two-sided and the size of a credit card. Complete one side during the day and the other side at night, then store the card in the box for easy reflection and traction. You can buy a box of 100 (3mo supply) for $22.99 or subscribe and save. Our first production run is limited to 400 total orders and US-only shipping for now. After this first round of orders, we plan to roll out additional versions of the cards (e.g. allowing custom text with to the checkboxes) and a more attractive + functional box you can put on your desk and be proud of.
These are sick! Just ordered mine.
^^ ditto. Thanks for creating these Jared!
Thank you Tom and Dylan! We are encouraged by the awesome response we are getting. Very excited by the potential of making the journey of self reflection and growth just a tiny bit easier.... cuss lets be real, its hard as hell!
Loved these, perfect for keeping one in my wallet for on the go. Just ordered mine πŸ‘