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We have created PurpleAds to help our customers and everyone else, drive more traffic to their website.
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ProveSource is one of the leading social proof platforms available out there. More than 20,000 websites use ProveSource to increase trust, conversions and sales on their website. But, there is a critical pre-requisite to make it work for you and your website: traffic. If your website has no traffic, you won’t be able to generate social proof. *Traffic = conversions + sales = revenue = social proof.* That’s why we have decided to create PurpleAds, to help our customers and everyone else, drive more traffic to their website. 🔵 How It All Started💡 We've decided to create a small landing page for PurpleAds inside ProveSource's dashboard, just to see what would happen. No domain, no public landing page, no search terms - nothing. Just a small landing page inside our own dashboard for our own customers. We really had nothing, we just wanted to collect 100 emails / clicks from interested people, in order to start working on it. That's one of the best ways to really evaluate your idea. In just 3 months, we have collected more than 1,500 responses from interested publishers / advertisers. We then decided to plan and build a small MVP with limited targeting & features, even no password reset. On Feb 6th, 2020 we have launched the first version of PurpleAds, and sent out a short message to our customers. This was our most successful MVP we've ever built. 🔵 Stats From the last 2 month of PurpleAds📊 PurpleAds IS STILL an MVP, I hope these stats will give you guys motivation to launch your products NOW. You might find bugs, broken things, angry customers, but remember: "If your product is polished, looks great, and you're happy with the end result - you've lost your timing".⌛ ✅ Revenue This is crazy - we've crossed $10,000 in revenue during March only (50% goes to publishers) ✅ Advertisers & Publishers 1. We have more then doubled the number of active publishers and advertisers. 2. Today, we're going to pay ~$5,000 in total to our valuable publishers. ✅ Impressions Crossed 3,000,000 impressions in total. ✅ Fill rate 1. We still have a lot of work to do, as we have tons of unfilled requests due to lack of international advertisers. 2. We need to improve our targeting capabilities. 3. Audit logs, automations, more ad formats, more sales. 4. Improve our backoffice systems, streamline ad/sites approval process. 🔵 PurpleAds For Advertisers PurpleAds is a great way to reach different audiences worldwide through an exclusive network of websites, effortlessly. Advertise your website, product or service to visitors worldwide using our beautiful, non-intrusive ads. 🔵 PurpleAds For Publishers With PurpleAds, you can create a new revenue stream by showing non-intrusive ads on your website with ProveSource’s style and simplicity. 🔵 Fun facts: 1. One of our advertisers was billed extra $40 by mistake (shit happens, it's an MVP). 2. Our targeting is super simple: country, device and website category. 3. We've changed our pricing model 3 times in a single week. 4. We got blocked by AdBlock which is a great honour (LOL). 🔵 PH Credits Willing to give PurpleAds a try? I wanted to offer $15 in credits, when you spend $15. Use this unique code: HA8742AD19ZX Take care, stay strong. To sum up: CRAZY! 💪
@yosid Congrats for the launch. The ad format looks really engaging. How do you ensure the quality of traffic is not via bots? For context, I was an engineer at Meebo where we had built a similar product called "Meebo Bar". The biggest complaint was trust from Advertisers since Publishers would buy bot traffic at a cheaper price and make money on the difference.
@vinay_jain4 Thanks! We have our own algorithms and internal verifications for that. Of course, we have a lot of work to do and many things to improve, but we're on the right track.
Created my first ad, exciting. Let's see!
@hans_dekker Nice! Thanks for giving it a try.
@yosid my first $15/day campaign spent its budget within the first hour. 4.5k impressions, 7 clicks, 0.16% CTR, $2.15 CPC, $15 total spent, Business Category. First impression: would be awesome to be able to target (much) more specifically. Love the idea though, will definitely be following along.
@hans_dekker You can be sure we're working hard on improving our targeting + bringing more publishers in order to have more categories and specific niches.
@yosid Sounds good. Either way, absolutely love the idea. This in combination with push message marketing will allow anyone to dominate the web ;-)
Just created my first campaign :)
My first impression with the idea was, I love it. It's simple, new ad space to target with more natural looking ads. However, the product is still super early to be an ad network. At best, it can be a traffic exchange network. I ran a $30/day ad campaign and here is my results: 17,902 Ad Impression, 35 Clicks, $0.86 CPC. The idea is great but needs more in depth targeting.
@muntasir_rashid Thanks for your feedback, we're working on more targeting options as we speak. And as I mentioned in my first comment, this is still an MVP :-)
@muntasir_rashid 3x better CPC than me. Would you mind sharing the industry, or maybe even the ad?