Purple Powerbase

Transform your bed into the Optimus Prime of comfort

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This is one of those things that I instinctively go "need" regardless of my actual need because I want it so badly.
Dang $2800 for a split king. Might just have to keep throwing a pillow under my knees while I save my nickels. Doesn't seem like this price includes the mattresses either?
@kristofertm It doesn't include the mattress, but it does include a 20-year warranty! Purple worked with an incredible company to build a one-of-a-kind powerbase! :)

I shot a video of various mattresses on adjustable beds. Purple's mattress was by far the best one. The Purple mattress is heavier than most, so it conforms with the different positions of an adjustable base. The mattress is kind of like a waterbed so if you have a massage feature (like the purple powerbase does) the vibrations go throughout the entire bed. You can watch it in action https://youtu.be/qXXYeT7d2yE


Adjustable frames are similar (once you get to the top end) it's the Purple Mattress that makes this work


Price is a bit higher than the competition

Lacking smart assistant(Google home/echo) even though it'd be easy to integrate since it uses removable Bluetooth dongle as communication standard. Purple app has been lacking since it's single release in 2017.