All-in-one boards for your design projects

Purple is a documentation and project planning tool built for creative teams. Write documents, assign tasks, share images, and present your designs. With integrations like Google Docs, Sketch, Invision, and Airtable, all of your project work can be in one place - which makes it a breeze to share with your team or clients.

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Hey everyone! I'm a former PM and designer, and now the founder of Purple. I started Purple because I thought it was ridiculous that project artifacts are scattered across so many different services & shared links. It was especially annoying because design used to be done entirely on walls and whiteboards. But now with all of these digital tools, we've reverted back into this method of laser focus on one artifact at a time. It's hard to see the big picture, so we're constantly losing valuable insights from earlier in a project, and our "shared brain" is so much weaker than before. Purple is our attempt at bringing back the wall. The project is all "right there", accessible for teammates to edit, and easy to skim for new teammates or clients. Happy to answer any questions!
@cgallello Great to see this launch – congrats!
@dnmjd Thanks Dana! 💜

There's always been a gap between the way process is represented in a brick-and-mortar design studio versus within the digital landscape. Purple.pm really fills that void by allowing digital designers to house their entire process (research, text, lists, images, prototypes, links, and more) in one place. It's a studio in the cloud!

In addition to collating the entire design process and providing a high-level overview (the project phases, sidebar menu, and zoomable interface are great for this), Purple.pm has some nice features to support conversation and collaboration. It allows designers to tell a story, present their work in context, and keep discussions and critiques in scope. All of this comes together to cement a direct relationship between project objectives and outcomes.

Purple.pm is now my go-to tool for including collaborators and clients in my work and presenting deliverables to them in context. They love it and are beginning to value design much more when they can understand the process that goes into synthesizing the results that end up in front of them. Brilliantly built product!


Houses the whole design process and supports a ton of integrations: Drive, Sketch, InVision, Figma, Marvel, Adobe XD, Atomic, and Airtable.


No prominent cons come to mind.

When I am working with a new software design team at companies of really any size (teams of 4 or 400) the first thing I do is set up a meeting to discuss their workflow. From an agile software development standpoint, most of the big players do a great job of this, naturally. However, from a file management standpoint, aside from using a cloud service, each designer seems to have their own method of storing docs, sketch files, assets, etc. Purple brings a lot of the experiences that you would want in the perfect design management flow in one place.


Makes you so much more efficient from a management standpoint.


There is a short learning curve.

Nice job @cgallello and team!
@theolmstead Thanks so much Stephen! 😊

I use Purple to organize user research, map out my design process, and review findings and changes in my design. It's very intuitive and I highly recommend it.


Purple makes it easy to map your process out and keep your project organized


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