A private, intimate, social network for your church family.

Purity is a private, intimate social network just for your local church. You can share photos and posts with your community, post events, RSVP, and chat with other members. Our mission is to strengthen church communities across the world.

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Hey Neeraj, thanks for hunting this. Our team originally built this app for our local church back home since we were having many issues communicating with our members... After seeing improvements in our community and engagement we decided to make it our mission to strengthen church communities across the world. Hope you guys enjoy this product and look forward to hearing some feedback!
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@keybloc All the best! :)
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Same question as any other new social network: Why would someone use this over a facebook group?
@daviswbaer Great question! From a church leadership perspective, it is extremely difficult to get engagement from members via Facebook groups because Facebook is so cluttered and over-saturated with other content.. This was a huge problem for my local church back home, we would post announcements and reminders on the facebook group, but nobody would end up seeing them! Church communities are extremely close and intimate, and Facebook Groups does not do a great job of capturing this close intimacy, as the Facebook platform is becoming increasingly flooded with advertisements and all sorts of other media. We have seen great increase in engagement from our members of a local church just because there is clarity in where everything is... on purity. All the events, announcements, and most things church members are looking for can be found on here, and we are ad free... which makes it a much easier platform to use for church communities :) Hope this helps!
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