#2 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2018

When you are building a website with a css framework like Bootstrap, you will only use a part of the framework and unused css styles will be included.

Purgecss removes unused selectors from your css, resulting in smaller files.

"With PurgeCSS, you'll have a hard time generating CSS that isn't under 10kb minified and gzipped." - Tailwindcss docs

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How does it handle JavaScript-generated elements, though? It appears that it digs in your HTML, compares it with your CSS and removes unnecessary stuff. But what if you append an element with jQuery and give it a class `js-my-button`? It wouldn’t be in your HTML so any styles applied to it in your CSS would be removed? 🤔 Nick DeNardis says in his article that it "is searching through all .html, .blade.php, .js and .vue files" but it seems suspicious to me. There are so many ways to create elements in JS and style them. How does it guarantee that it won’t stab you in the throat by removing something that’s actually used?
@hristiyandodov Purgecss was designed to be modular and works with every type of files. One of the step of the process is to get the used selectors in the content files (e.g. js). By default, it will look into each word in the file and consider it a selector. So if you add a class with jquery `.addClass(“js-my-button”)`, `js-my-button` will be register as a used selector. You can customize this behavior and provide a function to select the selector in the file.
@ffloriel_ Alright, but what if the class name is formed on runtime through a variable like that: $elem.addClass("js-my-" + name); Would it leave all rules that contain `js-my-`?
@hristiyandodov With the default settings, it will not consider `js-my-button` used and will remove the css. There are a few options to go around this problem. One is to whitelist the selector. The second one is to create a custom extractor. I am experimenting with it at the moment in the purgecss-from-js repo. The idea is to use prepack the code and generate the classname so that Purgecss can find them. Links: whitelisting in purgecss: https://www.purgecss.com/whiteli... purgecss-from-js: https://github.com/FullHuman/pur... Facebook prepack: https://prepack.io/
What are the main differences between Purgecss and purifycss?
@drbcardoso You can see Purgecss as an updated version of PurifyCSS. Purgecss does not have the issues of PurifyCSS. You can also find information on the documentation about the differences. Purifycss is also not actively maintained anymore. Links: purifycss issues: https://github.com/purifycss/pur... comparison: https://www.purgecss.com/compari...
purgecss also works with grunt, angular?
@edwardvasquezdr Purgecss is framework agnostic. It is not specific to a framework or plateform. There is currently no grunt plugin for it. Purgecss is available via a CLI, a javascript API, Webpack, Gulp and Rollup plugins. I will add Grunt shortly.
@edwardvasquezdr @ffloriel_ grunt support would be awesome! thanks in advance!
@edwardvasquezdr @ffloriel_ <3 Thanks for the gulp support, this looks fantastic!
@edwardvasquezdr @ptothaointi It is still a work in progress but the grunt plugin is available here: https://github.com/FullHuman/gru...
@ptothaointi @ffloriel_ 😍 wao thank you very much!

I love it.


easy to use, useful tool for frontend


maybe the scope can be extend

I love this! 😍