Pure & Mine

Personalized shampoo, conditioner and body wash (US only)

Pure & Mine is a custom hair care and bath products brand. We create personalized shampoo, conditioner and body wash based on each user’s hair/skin type and goals and deliver directly to them. No sulfates, silicones or parabens | Natural, Organic ingredients | Cruelty-free | Vegan options | Subscription available -US only

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Hello Product Hunt! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone :) Super excited to launch Pure & Mine to the Product Hunt community. We are a custom bath products brand making personalized shampoo, conditioner and body wash based on each individual customer’s hair/skin type and goals. I got the inspiration to build these products from my wife. She has tried way too many shampoo brands over the years and finally settled on a shampoo that was formulated just for her by a friend. We started making them for friends and friends-of-friends and they started coming back for more, so we decided to bring it out to the world. We have been testing this for over a year and perfecting each hair/skin goal on different types of hair and skin. We are now ready to get this out for you all to try :) We have taken a lot of care not to include any potentially (known) harmful chemicals and allergens. All formulas are silicone-free too which made getting the perfect formulation for each user an even more challenging task. You can also see all the ingredients on our website - a subset of these will be in your formulation. If you aren't happy with your formulation - we will reformulate it for you or offer a full refund. We also donate meals every time you make a purchase. Use the coupon code: producthunt - to get a $7 discount at checkout (ships within US only).
Nice product, hope you grow big to launch in India. I have a few questions though. What is the formulation process? Are tests done on user's skin and hair to get an idea of the formula that would work on a user? When are you launching outside of US?
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks Siddharth. Formulation process is a mix of manual and automated. The tests are done across users with different hair/skin types grouped together based on their hair/skin goal and a few other factors. They then use the products and provide feedback - we iterated based on this feedback. Please subscribe on the website and we will keep you updated when we launch in other countries.
Hey @hamish_patel , nice product i'm going to order one. Just a question, do you print and stick a custom ticket on every bottle ? isn't too crazy in term of supply chain ? Also, when did you launch ? and what's your niche, best!
@nesszouaoui Thanks Ness. Yes, we do print a unique code for each bottle that gets scanned at each station that it goes to. It does take more effort to create each bottle since it is not mass manufactured but it also creates a better product that brings in customer loyalty. We had beta users coming back for more orders and I am sure you will love them too. We launched to public just recently on Thanksgiving.
Nice product 😉
@daria_pudova Nice indeed. I've been looking for similar products and glad I found this one. I think it's worth to be included in this list https://mystraightener.com/best-... because it is natural and purely organic. But first of all, it would be nice to see the full list of ingredients because I'm so allergic.
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Hamish,, please settled your balance payment, it's more than 2 years products developed for you. Contract me immediately