Pure CSS Francine

HTML/CSS portrait in the style of an 18th century painting

HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting. Hand-coded entirely in HTML & CSS. Part of an ongoing series where the maker creates art using only CSS and HT

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What can I say, I didn't even know one could make art this beautiful with code. 😍How long does it take to create a masterpiece like Francine @cyanharlow?
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@abadesi Honestly it's kinda hard to say! The basic bones of the picture come together during my off-work free time in about a week or two, then a few weeks later whenever I get more free time I will inevitably find something to hate about it, so I'll do continuous microscopic updates to it until I start to like it again. And then that goes on and on until the day I die, because I'm never truly satisfied with anything I draw/paint. But I suppose I'll consider this one finished for now!
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<3 <3 <3
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Very cool, crazy how you did this just with css, have you considered using html canvas, I think that would be easier.
Madness! This is great, clearly labeled. Good Job @cyanharlow