Prioritize what your customers want, from your helpdesk

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Hey Kevin thanks for hunting Pura. We're building a dashboard for companies to learn what to build next, directly from their customers. Data from helpdesks, error reporting tools and user feedback collection tools will be organised and prioritised to help plan product development. To begin with, we are connecting support tickets and issues for the start. Support tickets (eg. Zendesk, Desk) will be mapped to issues (Github, Trello). So we have a total count of users facing a specific issue. So companies can prioritise and focus on these issues first. Once done, customers can be updated. Would be glad to answer any questions.
I like this broad idea, however one potential problem I see currently with the implementation and that we have in our company is that many issues that are reported may appear similar to a user or non-technical support member but to a savvy technical person they are totally different. This still requires a fair amount of technical overhead to double check that issues are related. Is a JIRA integration on the way too?
@td_evans We will be adding options to push this ticket to Slack / Hipchat for the beginning. We may develop a collaboration tool on top of it to call developers in. Yes we will be implementing JIRA soon.
What about integrating with Mantis? Not very high brow but used a lot.
@lynnfredricks yeah we have integrated it internally but they don't have out of the box API. Will build when our users want it.
Will this be available for JIRA Service Desk Cloud?