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Dmitry Losev
Dmitry LosevMaker@moltenz · Founder of Pur
Hi Everyone!) We are creating powerful food and fitness tracker which people can use personally and as instrument of working with a trainer. You can switch between several diary styles: photos, calorie tracker, macronutrient tracker or ingredients balance. From our point of view it’s not obligatory to count calories every time, it’s important to work on different focuses such as intervals between meals, drinking enough water, serving size, proportions of macronutrients, emotional satisfaction, working out and others. The simplicity of keeping a diary is archived by many options of adding entries: - You can add to Diary Recipes, Meals, Drinks, Snacks, separate Ingredients and Products bought in stores or restaurants. - You can add any completed YouTube Workout or cooked food from Recipe founded on the Website. - You can construct your own Recipes and Workouts. - You can add Recipes as an Ingredients to another Recipes. I think it is awesome!!!) How about yourself?) - Or simply drop a line of description.
Benjamin Lupton
Benjamin Lupton@balupton · Founder, Bevry
@moltenz i think this could get more interest if it used more differentiating marketing statement than "new way", "set of tools"
Dmitry Losev
Dmitry LosevMaker@moltenz · Founder of Pur
@balupton Thank you! You are right!
dklimkin@dklimkin · Senior Mobile Architect
@moltenz this design reminds me 3HM app :) Are you planning to migrate from Parse?
Dmitry Losev
Dmitry LosevMaker@moltenz · Founder of Pur
@dklimkin 3HM is very similar to native SEKTA app graphically. Yes, thanks Parse for open sourcing SDKs.