Don't have a dog? This app let's you play with one!

Pupprrr is an app that lets people without dogs order up a playdate with a local pup...and part of the proceeds go to help rescue dogs!

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Love the concept and the charitable idea embedded in it. Not sure how ethical it is to kinda rent out your dog but guess under condition that all of the participants enjoy the process and the dog owner is always present and part-taking in the "date" to protect the dog's interests then it's alright. Could also be a good pretext to meet new friends who share the love for the dogs =) I wonder how PH gonna take it as it's obviously a cat's zone ;)
@julia_k thanks for the support! You hit the nail on the head for why we have our owners present for all playdates - so that they can chaperone and so that it is more about sharing the experience of playing with your dog (not renting a dog)...And perhaps Kittnnn will be our next cat-based spin off ;)
My dream come true! <3
@itzel_yrev Thanks! Are you in Boston or NYC? We're live in both! If not, let us know where you want us to go next :)
@nathan_mackenzie I live in Mexico City, come here! ;)
Thanks everyone, let us know what you think!
@nathan_mackenzie such a cool concept, now I wish the product available at the other half of the globe ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
@nathan_mackenzie I like the idea. My office has been talking about it (this app caught quite the stir) & we see the potential. Any thoughts on just using adoptable dogs from no-kill shelters as opposed to renting out already owned dogs? We also saw this as a potential dating app! So many directions this app can take, excited to see what the future holds! Good luck on launch :)
@jake_tran Thanks! and hopefully we'll be expanding your way soon :-)
@lukeharris1 Thanks! we're hoping to incorporated adoptable dogs in the near future (and we wouldn't be surprised if a few dates start happening from it before we can even take it in that direction haha). Thanks for the interest!!!
YES! Available in Boston!