Puppet Uploader

Automatically upload your art to print on demand websites.

Puppet Uploader is a desktop app for Windows (Mac coming soon!) to help artists upload their designs to Print on Demand sites like the YC-backed Teespring.

We want to make it easy and rewarding to sell art online. Check it out!
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Hiya. I like this idea. I use POD for some additional income as an artist. But you need to know that even the people who make a living from these sites (only a handful exist) wouldn't pay for the tiers you have right now. $800 a year is nonsense. This isn't a business tool, it is a freelancer's passive income tool. There is no one making enough through POD to justify the cost. That said if you make this service free and then have one pay tier I'd be on board. You could get people like me who wouldn't mind paying a few dollars a month to save some time. Seriously, I like this. You just have to fix your business model.
Hey, This is Tom Holt, one of the founders of Puppet Uploader. After hearing similar feedback from individuals such as your self, we have decided to add a free tier. Feel free to check it out at puppetuploader.com :) best, Tom

Really helpful for small time users as well as professional businesses.


It provides a really wide range as compared to others. Will 100% recommend.


So far only a few minor bugs but support was really helpful about it.

Wow this is so cool! Yes, there are definitely some bugs that we're working to get rid of. Thank you so much for your support; updates will be rolling out soon!
Hey PH! 👋 My name’s Steven. I’m a 16-year-old maker from Seattle. My co-founder Tom and I have been working on the Puppet Print on Demand Uploader for the last three months and we’re excited to share it with you today! Print on Demand platforms allow artists to make money from their art by printing it onto merch (shirts, mugs, etc.) and getting a share of the profits. The problem is that each site has a separate buyer market. This forces artists to choose which platforms they sell on. That’s a lot of lost revenue for artists and designers. 😢 With Puppet, artists are able to curate and automatically upload their art in batches. We made sure that Puppet streamlines a lot of the repetitive tasks (even within our own product), while not restricting creativity. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement and expansion in terms of other ways we can make the lives of artists easier. Let us know what you think! Use the code PUPPET20 for 20% off your first three months! 🎉
@trueslu I like the idea but how about letting users look at your actual interface before they give you their credit card info?
Hi Egor, This is Tom, the other co-founder. Thanks for the feedback, and we completely agree. Some time later today, we will push an update and you will be able to start your trial without putting in credit card information. Happy uploading :)
@tomh Please let me know when this update is complete :)
@tomh @jenny_kellett Will do! Sorry for not replying to your comment until now and that it's taking us so long - lots of things are moving about in our lives right now. We'll definitely keep you posted! :)

Really cool that it has a free tier. (good for us broke college students)


The site worked really well for uploading my friends designs to multiple sites and I can't wait to try it out myself.


Have not heard any problems.