Puny the Puffin { No longer active }

A Messenger bot that gives you awesome book suggestions 🐧📚

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Puny the Puffin is a chatbot expert in all sorts of books. You tell him what you like, and he gives you the best suggestions. Perfect for who loves books!



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Felipe de AraujoMaker@felipedaraujo · Full Stack Developer
Hello Hunters and Makers, thank you for stopping by. You may be curious how Puny the Puffin was created, so first I must say that I had the help of the writer Mallory Miles to handpick the books. Thanks Mallory ❤️. Secondly, in terms of tech, I have used Chatfuel.com + Ruby on Rails + Heroku. Puny was created in a way that it can be used for any type of Product Suggestion Workflow such 'gift suggestion', 'clothing suggestion', 'music suggestion', or perhaps 'ice cream suggestion'. In case you would like to build a Suggestion App, talk to me, I will be happy to help you.
Felipe de AraujoMaker@felipedaraujo · Full Stack Developer
Even though Puny was a good bot, he is no longer active. Bye Puny!