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The founder describes it as "twitter meets Pinterest". I have to say it's fun because of the hashtags, but not sure how it differentiates. Try it. :) P.S. Here's Ian (the founder)'s answer on twitter: "The big difference is the way you can search and collaborate. Everything you save is also public. Other (interested) users can then add further suggestions. The seed becomes a tree. Allows people to share their insights and local knowledge - not just rely on skewed Google results. And of course its just a nice way to remember everyday stuff - think richer tweets that are searchable."
Hi, maker of Puntly here. Inspired by how poor Google was at recommending everyday stuff. Also needed one place to store my interests, finds and discoveries. Sometimes you just want to promote a really cool app or service. The idea is to bring users together over common interests - you can easily collaborate, vote, and follow other users and entries. Basically everyone's voice counts. Not just big brands and SEOs. Your homepage is similar to a twitter stream of yours and your friends posts - but ultimately it is designed as a search engine, with the aim to surface local knowledge and personal insights.
I love how you can save anything you like. And no pressure to create lists - just one off entries like notes. I can see this becoming fairly addictive, and also very useful.
@markfinestone thanks. Puntly is a combo of personal notes, social bookmarks, and just liking (punting) stuff. All searchable. And yes the idea was "anything" - not just what's popular.
Note that Puntly has been revamped and relaunched as http://bestio.co