Private & secure one-sentence journaling

Punkt makes journaling secure, private, easy and fun. But the best part of it is, it will turn you into a happier person. Studies have proven that people who are journaling are around 25% happier.
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Hi @__tosh! Many many thanks for hunting Punkt. I'm super excited to finally get my side project out and share it with everyone here on Product Hunt. Don't want to talk too much and just state the three most important features of Punkt: - Secure and Private: All on your device and in private iCloud - Simplicity: Designed to make journaling work by ease of use - Be happier: I never thought that journaling would work for me, but after journaling for a year in a Google sheet I want to make journaling easier accessible for everyone Really looking forward to the launch day on PH. I'm here for any questions you have. Happy journaling! PS: There is a special limited offer for all first users TODAY!
I really like the idea, definitely going to try it. Does iCloud support mean that I can keep my journal from multiple devices?
@philipp_jahoda Really glad you like the idea behind Punkt. Yes, you can use Punkt across your devices without any login.
Just downloaded it, this is awesome 🔥
@rafliruslan Really appreciate it. Thanks for downloading. Happy journaling!
@ipgregor you know, the awesome part of your product is to see my happy places' pins around the world! #travelGoal 🤘🚀
@rafliruslan yeah I also love that a lot. Hope we are able to leave some pins around the globe soon :)
It looks awesome, great idea and UX. Do you have any plans to port it to Android/Web?
@marc_klingen many thanks for your feedback. I'm super happy you like the idea and UX. I really wanted to make this simple so it's great if people like that. iPad and macOS will follow next, there are already plans for Android. Main priority is to make the iOS app great with the help of user feedback, then support other platforms.
@ipgregor Sounds like a great plan, I am very much looking forward to the macOS app!
@marc_klingen Me too, this will be exciting to play around with Mac Catalyst. :)
Just downloaded it. First impression: Looks great!
@kathaka Thank you so much for downloading. Happy journaling!