Live Q&A talks with your Twitter audience

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Billy Shaw Susanto
Billy Shaw SusantoMaker@bshawsusanto
It's hard to have a good Q&A on current social networks. Pundit lets people use their existing Twitter network to host an organized, efficient Q&A. Through Pundit, you can: 1) Start live Q&A's with your Twitter audience 2) Filter and sort questions based on your relevance 3) Answer by recording your voice reply in a single tap. Featured content coming tomorrow, May 5th. Check out upcoming featured Q&A's on http://getpundit.com
Matt Navarra
Matt Navarra@mattnavarra · Social media consultant. Facebook geek
@bshawsusanto Crashes a fair bit. UI has issues. Not liking the auto-follow @getpundit setting being switched to on by default. Twitter card is dull as link shared is just a link to download the app, not a unique URL for the Q&A being tweeted about. :(
freia lobo
freia lobo@freialobo · tech@nyu
Great guys doing great work :)
Jason L. Baptiste
Jason L. Baptiste@jasonlbaptiste · Founder, Studio
I've had the pleasure of working with the team since they got started. It's a very cool product, for a few reasons. It captures a big use case of Periscope and Meerkat - Q&A, but makes it easier. It's tough to type while the livestream is going and many don't want to show themselves on camera.
kurt braget
kurt braget@kurtybot · developer, entrepreneur
You guys have an awesome landing page! Clean and simple.