Live Q&A talks with your Twitter audience

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It's hard to have a good Q&A on current social networks. Pundit lets people use their existing Twitter network to host an organized, efficient Q&A. Through Pundit, you can: 1) Start live Q&A's with your Twitter audience 2) Filter and sort questions based on your relevance 3) Answer by recording your voice reply in a single tap. Featured content coming tomorrow, May 5th. Check out upcoming featured Q&A's on http://getpundit.com
@bshawsusanto Crashes a fair bit. UI has issues. Not liking the auto-follow @getpundit setting being switched to on by default. Twitter card is dull as link shared is just a link to download the app, not a unique URL for the Q&A being tweeted about. :(
Great guys doing great work :)
I've had the pleasure of working with the team since they got started. It's a very cool product, for a few reasons. It captures a big use case of Periscope and Meerkat - Q&A, but makes it easier. It's tough to type while the livestream is going and many don't want to show themselves on camera.
You guys have an awesome landing page! Clean and simple.