Nifty time tracking for Trello users and teams

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I implemented this at one of my teams and it's just great. They have all kinds of extensions, plugins and apps so users can punch the time they work on a project on a Trello card. As an avid user of Trello, this is just super nifty, and it's designed to be smoooooooooth. :)
Hi there! I'm the creator of Punchtime. It started at Perceptor where we were managing our projects with Trello and needed something simple to keep track of the time we were spending. From there it grew into what it is today: a web app, mobile apps for iOS and Android, browser extensions for Chrome and Safari, and fancy reporting. I'd love to hear what you think!
This is really awesome -- I'd love to use this on Matterhorn, do you have any plans for other integrations?
@joshcrowder Thanks! We don't have plans for other integration at the moment as Punchtime was really built around Trello's API and infrastructure. It's an interesting thought though!
Awesome - as is the reference to TPS reports :)
I love it! I’m constantly using Trello and timing my work using another software. My only questions is — when I stop the timer, it seems like I have to punch in the time manually to create a log. Is there a way populate it automatically directly from the timer (Chrome extension)? P.S ‘account creation’ animation is sick!
@shlominissan When you save a timer, a window will pop up where you can describe your log, add labels, etc. This is all optional (you can just hit enter and be done). The time is automatically filled out from the timer. One catch you might have run into is that you need to be timing for at least one minute before saving, otherwise the popup will show 0 minutes ;)