Track the strikes you throw at the punching bag

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PunchLab is a Mobile App that will turn your punching bag into a device able to detect, measure, and react to your strikes. No additional device other than your smartphone is needed. It uses the existing technology in your phone to give you real-time feedback on your bag workout and offers training routines pre-programmed by world-level athletes.

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Oliver Riechert
Oliver Riechert@oliverriechert · Indie Maker
Very cool. I will try it out.
Nicolò Paternoster
Nicolò PaternosterMaker@adv4nced · Software Engineer
@oriechert when you do please let me know your first impression!
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
This is actually pretty neat. I could see immense vaue in training myself to throw straight knockouts 100% of the time 🤔
punchlab@punchlabapp · PunchLab
@cellus_christie hi Christie, thanks! Do you train at the bag yourself?
Craig Barber
Craig Barber@craigjbarber · Product Designer & Founder of Logobly
I like this. I'm a fan of boxing and punching the bag... does it have a round timer as well?
Nicolò Paternoster
Nicolò PaternosterMaker@adv4nced · Software Engineer
@craigjbarber it sure does. Do you want to try it out?
Natalie Barzyk
Natalie Barzyk@nataliebarzyk · Digital Marketing Manager, Sales Pro Quo
this is absolutely everything i could want in an app. requesting a pass asap!!
Nicolò Paternoster
Nicolò PaternosterMaker@adv4nced · Software Engineer
@nataliebarzyk hi Natalie, let me know if I can help you setting you up ;)
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh@bwalsh2011 · Product Manager, Berry Plastics
How does it handle the bag rotating during the workout/round? Is the data affected by opposite side strikes?
punchlab@punchlabapp · PunchLab
@bwalsh2011 Hi Brian, not affected, the algorithm can adjust for it