Walkie-talkie messenger. Lock-screen version in Beta

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The lock screen interaction is legitimately brilliant and would be a game changer. Really clever design.
Is the lockscreen interaction you posted in the videos actually possible in iOS?
@jshchnz Yes. Although, I don't think anybody has taken it this far. We use the lock screen music player as the interface. Photos and videos load up as if they were album cover art.
@berio Hmm, interesting. I wonder if that abides by Apple's guidelines... any ideas?
@jshchnz not sure. We're not using private API's though.
A Brazilian entrepreneur and team; it was legitimately the first app I'd seen that used itunes to create a unique walkie-talkie experience on iPhones.
@shane_112 thanks so much Shane for posting this! Really appreciate it.
@bario tell us about Punch :) What is the big draw with these new walkie-talkie messenger apps?
@bentossell Hey Ben, so the idea behind Punch was to make it the fastest possible messaging experience. It came about after my mom was in car accident with a teenager who was texting while driving. So, we are experimenting with a feature that allows you to walkie-talkie without unlocking your iPhone. Beyond that, we have some cool features. It's the first walkie-talkie app that plays audio through even if the app is not running in the background. It also has a Drive Mode, so your text message notifications are read out loud to you. Our emojis also make sounds... ;) I think walkie-talkies are an interesting space because they provide unique use cases that traditional messengers aren't tackling.