Puma Browser

Privacy focused browser with a new way to pay for content

#3 Product of the DayApril 06, 2019
The ad-driven business model turned the web into a vicious, snooping, clickbait-driven distraction machine.
We'd like to deliver better incentives for high-quality content creators and offer users a premium, private, and distraction-free browsing experience.
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Hi Product Hunt community! My brother and I are happy to offer you the very first preview of the project we're working on โ€“ Puma Browser. In partnership with Coil.com we're bringing a new business model for the web. WebMonetization is an open standard that allows for streaming of tiny amounts of payments. We think this will change how content and services are monetized online. We're still working on the app but have a Beta you can test via TestFlight (iOS) or APK download (Android) so sign-up and we'll add you! As a special gift for the Product Hunt community the current downloads will include a Coil subscription token that allows you to stream payments to any web-monetized site and we're covering it. (If you have Coil.com subscription you can sign-in with it too). What are you missing in today's mobile browsing experience? What should a mobile browser look like if it was built today? These are some of the questions we're starting to explore with three main pillars: 1. New Monetization model 2. Privacy 3. Better mobile UX Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
@html5cat Excited to start using the browser! Iโ€™m already a Coil user.
@stephenchip awesome! Sent a TestFlight invite. Let us know what you think!
What's the difference with Brave browser? I like the idea of paying websites I visit and get an ad-free and private experience but, how are you planning to reach sites that don't know about you about being paid?
@bitomule Coil uses an open standard to pay websites so anyone can simply include a meta tag in their site to get paid. Visitors could be running Puma browser or another browser running Coil's extension or some other browser/extension that makes payments based on the standard.
@bitomule @adrianhopebailie But doesn't Brave also work in a similar way? What's the catch?
@bitomule @ruslan_vasylev i dont think Brave works the same way. Because the standard is open there is no special relationship between the website and Coil. A user could use a different provider and the website would still get paid
@bitomule @adrianhopebailie iโ€™ve personally never heard about Coil, can you go into more detail about it? I know I can just Google it but it would be interesting to to read a description written by a person familiar with it.
@bitomule @adrianhopebailie @anna_0x Anna, sorry for the delay โ€“ here's a couple of blog posts that explain Coil really well: https://medium.com/coil/coil-bui... https://medium.com/interledger-b...
Great idea!
Simply awesome. Glad you went with Coil, too!
Dope idea! What made you choose Coil specifically? And what problems did you run into as a user that drove you to build Puma?
As a user, my biggest frustration comes from the annoying advertisement world. Every time I try to consume some interesting content online I get hit with a paywall or an ad popup, or an 'ad blocker' blocker pop up and that experience is frustrating. The idea here is to provide a non-intrusive experience to someone consuming the content, yet still reward the content creators by establishing a direct payment chanel between them, as opposed to going the advertisement route. This opens up a whole new business model as well as user experience for any content online. Whether it's paying for streaming higher quality video or getting a more content from an article that is "web monetized" or in general, eliminating ads from your experience