A powerful time tracker for those who appreciate simplicity

Pulse.red is a powerful time tracker for those who appreciate simplicity. No useless infographics; stay focused on the main things and track your project's time.

Clear project overview helping you to monitor your company's health and make fast decisions. You will see if the project has gone over the timing budget at any stage.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Pros: * It's free for one user. Excellent for personal projects or solo freelancers. * The registering process is quick. (no need to hundreds of confirmations). * The interface is really clean and to the point. * You can see really fast the time used for tasks and projects without having to interpret graphics. * For every action, it has a tip section to the side that it's super helpful. Cons (Improvements it could take): * It will be nice to have a Google/Facebook/GitHub social login. * In a project when you finish a task you have to select the task if there is only one current task it would be good to have it preselected. * Doesn't have any integrations, I use Trello for most of my work tasks and it will be a hassle to put tasks twice. Pretty cool if it has a chrome extension or something that I just have to click a button in a card of Trello and it converts it to a task and a project (if it doesn't have one associated) and just have to click the button again to begin the task. (But I don't know how trello integrations works).
@ltueros thanks a lot for feedback. The integrations are on our roadmap. We’re a little worry about the task chaos, you know, tools like Trello or Basecamp is about micro tasking, so you don’t get the big picture then you track time on each ticket.
Pulse is the first time tracking tool that I have ever used and its awesome. I like its minimal and distraction free UI, good job. Logo is cool, its simple word 'pulse' with a dot in red color (meaning pulse.red).. smart work :)
@tahaqadri thanks, we’ll check it asap.

If you are tired of bloated time trackers, make sure to try pulse. Very clean and fast time tracker with just right amount of features. Great work guys!


Simple and very fast application


Lack of 3rd party integrations. But I'm sure this will change soon

Great job!! 😊 Will check it

everything is clear


Turbo fast & Super simplistic