Pulse | Music

Discover new music and share it with friends

Discover new music through tags, e.g. #KidsInLove or #🤗

Share songs publicly with your followers or in private to a friend.

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👋 Hey PH I’m Anders, and I'm happy to finally show you what I've been building since the summer of last year. Pulse is an easy way for you to discover new music and share it with friends. 🙏 Tag a friend when sharing a song. Include a personal message 🙏 Share a song with a tag to create a playlist, e.g. #KidsInLove or #🤗 🙏 Follow other individuals with a music taste similar to your own 🙏 Filter for "New" and "Popular" songs on the whole platform. Or within a single #tag. 🙏 Identify the song in the background and share it without any hassle 🙏 Connect with your Spotify Premium account and listen to full tracks 🚀 See below for a bit of background on what led me to start bulding Pulse in the first place! 10 months ago I gave up a steady paycheck and the first thing on my list was learning how to design. Sketch and I quickly became best friends. We went on a hike together, lit a bonfire, ate marshmallows and sang a few songs. Almost immediately, I had the chance to put my learnings into practice as I started working remotely for my first client. A few months passed, and it was time for me to look for another freelance job - this time as an iOS developer. In other words, it was time for Sketch and I to openly greet an old friend of mine into our team. I’m of course talking about Xcode. In the previous year, work had left me with no time to keep myself up-to-speed with the latest developments on the iOS platform. So I knew that I needed a project for me to brush up on my skillset. That project became Pulse. For the past couple of months, I’ve been holding back on launching here on PH, because I’ve wanted to present to you guys my best take on how to deliver a fundamentally good and convenient experience to share and discover music on a social platform. Today, as I’m launching a major redesign for Pulse, I feel that it’s finally time to show it here on PH. Happy to answer questions! 🙂
Hey, nice product! Do you plan to build an Android version next?
@aviggiano Glad you like it! I'd love to bring it to Android as well. But in order to justify doing that, I need to see it's possible for the iOS version to gain some traction. I also have a couple of really important feature additions (rolling out individually over the next 3 months) that I'd like to develop for iOS before I start thinking about Android.