Pulse Metrics

GDPR compliant web and mobile analytics made simple

Pulse is an all-in-one analytics solution that works across web, iPhone apps, and Android apps. It takes the same 2-4 minutes to setup any of these apps with Pulse. Each metric comes with a description, you'll never sit confused at a dashboard again!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Absolutely love the default GDPF configuration. Great product!
This came about as a result of hearing constant frustrations from clients we work with about Google Analytics and Mixpanel's confusing layouts. We send out email digests to subscribers with your daily stats, you won't even need to go to the site again after setup! Let us know what you think, we just want everyone, even the non-tech savvy, to be able to check the Pulse of their business
Thanks for all the support PH. This has taken a LOT of work to get here and we have a longgg way to go. Finally happy to show Pulse around and see what you all think. BTW - getting a lot of questions about *pricing.* Pulse is free. at least during beta which will def last a while. I haven’t figured out pricing yet. would love feedback and insights on that front. I am thinking maybe based on the traffic or number of users on which metrics are shown? because that’s what drives the costs on something like this. thoughts?
We’ve been using Pulse for a couple months now and it has become essential to our workflow. We used to use Google Analytics to just see how our ads are doing, but Pulse is SO much more simpler to understand exactly whats going on. I look for those digest emails every day - they’re the best! cons - nothing so far. will update here if I find any. I wish it did cohorts but then we won’t be GDPR compliant.
I’ve been looking for an analytics tool for my fashion blog. However, other analytics were either expensive or hard to use. This is great and I’ll give it a shot!