Stream live music from top venues

Hey guys, just launched this to transport listeners to places that play great music. It's backed by networked plug-and-play hardware that I put in these places so there's no laptop setup required. The goal would be to sell the hardware along with a subscription service for hosting the player which is embeddable on any website or app (TuneIn, etc). What sort of places would you tune into (music venues, conferences, comedy shows)? Would you want to create your own station?
Is there a way to record it for future use?
@annebot eventually, yes
Love this idea, but CRAVING video too. Any plans for video? A live show is only half about the music :). I know you can't fully recreate the experience of being there, but at least video would help.
@taykcrane plenty of video sites out there... idea is purely audio
@thenewb how how this been going? we would love to discuss distributing shows on pulse.fm to get more audience around them on @livelist