A simple tool to monitor your servers and sites

Pulse is a friendly, developer-focused monitoring solution for your sites and Linux servers. It provides painless log analysis, a full API suite, and supports alerts via email, SMS, Slack, Discord & webhooks.
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👋👋👋 I used to be like many other developers… skipping over the all-important monitoring of production servers due to the complexity of monitoring tools or their insane pricing models. That’s why I designed Pulse. Unlike other platforms, it’s focused on the developer, not the DevOps administrator - you don’t need to be a Linux expert in order to use it. The UI is simple and straightforward, while also being modern and pleasant to use. It’s also flexible, accommodating your specific monitoring needs, while not bundling a whole lot of bloat that you don’t need. And perhaps most importantly, its pricing is in line with what independent developers and small teams can justify to their clients. In addition, since Pulse is developer-centric, it also includes a full suite of APIs to assist you in managing your infrastructure. You can create server and site profiles, assign monitors and download the corresponding shell scripts (that’s right - Pulse is entirely agentless, no “sudo” is needed!). Logs are also available, allowing you to construct your own monitoring dashboard if you need to. 📧📧 I’m eager to hear what you think, so if you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please let me know. I’m more than happy to engage with the community on the direction of Pulse… I want it to be your tool of choice! Thanks!!

I've been through a lot of the available server monitoring tools, and either they are so difficult to use that it requires a lot of time to set up, or the price is unrealistic


One of the easiest server monitoring tools available The price is startup-friendly and in general cheap It do what it says and do it well


More features

Thanks @peterbrinck1! I very much intend to continue adding features and I'm looking forward to expanding Pulse's feature set :)