Analyze and benchmark every competitor in your industry

Pulse organizes data from 25,000+ companies across 50+ industries and 800+ sub-industries and enriches this data with valuable search marketing KPIs such as: Domain Rating, Keywords, Traffic Value, Est. Ad Spend and more. Try it for free!
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I am able to get insights in seconds that would normally take a few hours and 3 or 4 different platforms. Checked the data sets against my other tools, and its accurate.
@tom_jones5 I am so happy to hear this! Accuracy, speed, and simplicity were our aim.
Hi Product Hunt Community! We at http://directiveconsulting.com/ are proud to launch our first free product, Pulse. We wanted to build the first ever (that we could find) database for search marketing. It started out as: "build a free database of the top 100 companies across the top 32 verticals and then let's track the winners and losers each month" to... "a database of over 26,000 companies each broken down into their niche". The burning need we see for Pulse is that in-house marketers, agencies, and freelancers, currently have no way of benchmarking how they are performing compared to their entire industry. As a CEO myself, I can be victim to my own ambition and set goals that are frankly unrealistic given my brands Domain Rating or Est. Ad Spend compared to the competitors in my industry. Pulse is an unbiased third-party that gives every marketer and executive the data to push back on unreasonable expectations and allow you to create realistic goals that create momentum as you accomplish them. Furthermore, are you looking for an industry ripe for digital innovation or a DTC company? Check our our list to find which industries with large total addressable markets could be best for your next project or company. Pulse is FREE so check it out today and let us know what you think!
Great service and I'd like to use it for competitor research. Will you guys accept suggestions for other industries?
@kensavage Of course! Love to add more companies and verticals. In the meantime, we made the custom research function so that you could make a list for any industries we don't have
Being able to benchmark data
Interesting idea it has potential
@davidiwanow Thank you so much. We are hoping to roll out visualizations next :)