Start Monitoring iOS and Android app performance.

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Thanks @nikkielizdemere and Kevin for mentioning us. I'm the co-founder. We built Pulse.io to help mobile developers kill the competition. With so many apps out there developers that optimize for performance get a leg up. Apps that freeze or are slow to respond die a slow death. The service watches live users for top freezes and annoying waits, then shows the network calls/errors or methods responsible. Pulse.io is available for iOS. Also there's an Android beta than can be enable on an account upon request (to beta@pulse.io). Get started here: https://app.pulse.io/organizatio... Also please post any questions or feedback below and I'm happy to help out. Thanks, Ofer
Would love for @oferronen to join the conversation. :)
looks pretty sweet, do you have an option where a customer can own their own data?
@tamireiss thanks for the question. The service is currently offered as a secure cloud solution. We have a setting to block any transmission of PII (personally identifiable info), and so sensitive data never leaves your service. Feel free to email me at ofer@pulse.io with more of what you had in mind.