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Mobile video feed for websites

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Hello Product Hunters! We’re very excited to announce our latest product, Pulpix M-Feed. It basically combines a Netflix-grade recommendation engine with a Facebook-like video feed. It started with a simple observation: big platforms such as Youtube or Facebook attract the largest video audiences since they offer both top-notch AI and UX: their personalization engines and interfaces are really great. However, independent publishers and website owners traditionally focus on content creation, and don’t manage to achieve the same level of experience on their websites and apps. That’s why our mission at Pulpix is to offer publishers a video experience on par with these platforms, that they can deploy on their sites. Here’s how it works: * You paste a javascript code on your site * You define your video sources * Our engine starts indexing your content, and within a few hours you will see the feeds appear * You can monetize with video ads We hope you like it, feel free to try it, give your feedback and ask any questions. Thanks, Denis
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Looks awesome, can't wait to try it.
great stuff ! does it have a wordpress plugin?
@denisvlr Hey! The link isnt working ? could you check ,Thanks
how does it work? any walkthrough video apart from the promo one
@ayush_chandra Basically as a website owner all you have to do is create an account, define the formats and video sources, then paste the javascript code on your site. Our AI engine will then analyze and index your videos, and start recording users behavior (which videos are are watched by who). After a few hours the personalized video feeds will start to appear. our recommendation engine will show a mix of content-based and user-based recommendations.
Great stuff! What kind of video sources can you connect?
@mortazakarimi You can connect all kind of video content sources: videos from your Youtube account, from your Facebook account, embedded videos on your site or RSS feed. Even if you have no video inventory, Pulpix can provide you with syndicated content from our partners.
@mortazakarimi @sabryotmani work in mobile web apps? I'll go look ;)
@mortazakarimi @sabryotmani love the idea too. This could be big if fully customizable and could also be put into SPA and PWA's