Content discovery inside video, beautifully designed.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2016
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Hi Product Hunters! This is Sabry & Denis, co-founders at Pulpix. We believe that video has not yet been pushed to its full potential, information in video should be accessible and actionable. That’s why we’ve designed a product that recommends contextual content inside videos without being intrusive or interruptive. - It's a javascript plugin that publishers can integrate on their website - We integrate with any existing video player: Jwplayer, Brightcove, Ooyala, etc. - We use speech recognition to match related content purely based on context. We don't track users. - We offer a rich and fluid watching experience: picture-in-picture multitasking, "read next", and more. Excited to hear your feedback and answer any question!
@denisvlr curious if you've developed your own speech to text system, or if you're using a third party service to provide the transcription? How much time does it take to transcribe the text in a typical video?
@gillinghammer We have our own system and are still experimenting different approaches. Most tools and algorithms are not yet good enough to show the result to a human: for example Youtube's automatic captions are still pretty bad. But for our particular use-case an approximate transcription is enough to infer most topics.
@denisvlr Really cool how you guys designed the layering and transitioning... like it.
@denisvlr Really cool how you guys designed the layering and transitioning... like it.
@denisvlr Looks awesome! How do you guys make money?
I'm really intrigued by this one. My first response was caution, given the way Youtube has abused the overlays and allowed a lot of really annoying user behaviour in that space. But your attention to design and UX brings some order to this, and I think there's a huge benefit here for content makers to value add their otherwise static content. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this and experimenting (for us, maybe our user onboarding videos could offer links to documentation or other jump-off points that aren't being controlled by Google's choice of page formatting, etc). Thanks for the share!
hi @davedri thanks for your comment. Indeed our everyday challenge is how to bring value to the user without being too intrusive. The answer may vary depending on each person: some people don't like to be interrupted at all, others naturally multi-task all the time. That's why we try to create adaptative interfaces to give users control of their own attention: you can choose to hide or save for later, the more you close recommendations the less often they appear, and we have a set of other capping rules.
@denisvlr awesome, thanks for the insights and good luck!
This is huge ! Video is the most prominent media nowadays, and it makes me realize that YouTube didn't evolve that much from their first version. Keep up the good work :-)
How is this different from Cinematique?
@chriscampdp Cinematique, like Wirewax, Hapyak and others, is for creative people (video editors, agencies) who want to craft a custom interactive video experience on a one-off basis, typically for a specific marketing campain. On the other hand, we address online publishers and blogs who have hundreds of videos. Our javascript widget will automatically cover all the videos on their site with recommended articles and videos from their own website.