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Hi, my name is Stan and I am one of the makers of Pulp. First of all thanks @Neeraj for hunting us! We hope that you will have fun with our app and we are looking forward to hear your feedback.
@stanmassueras All the best! :)
@antoine_gounel @neeraj Thanks Antoine! It means a lot from you:-)
This app is amazing!!!!
@lorry_d Merci Lorry :-)
Mix unique animated live video filters with music and create the most interesting videos to share around you. Discover new music and connect with other creators from all the world.
How does this differ to Musical.ly
Hi @bentossell, great question! Pulp was made to capture moments (big or small, fun or sad), it was not built for lip-synching and dance routines. Musically's approach to content creation is that the music element should come first and then the video component should be second in order to enhance it (perfect for lip-sync, dance routines etc...). With Pulp we looked at music video creation from a different angle. With our live video filters we wanted to place the user at the center of an immersive experience. The music element comes last in order to add emotion and context to your videos.