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Good morning Product Hunt. Happy to answer questions about PullString and talk more about how and why we have approached computer conversation. Ben asked what's different about PullString versus other offerings in the space... a few things are worth highlighting. PullString has been built to help folks create the best, highest-fidelity computer conversation. Desktop native authoring environment that can handle the biggest and most complex projects, native and deep support for team collaboration so entire groups can work on a given bot at the same time, direct support for text, audio, and video/gaming/VR/AR character conversation, analytics that integrate directly back into the content to help creators know exactly what to work on next to improve their experiences in market, and a hybrid conversation AI engine that uses both rule based and machine learned intents. Other more standard things are also in PullString like one-click publishing, and support for structured messages and one-click publishing and other platform-specific goodies but they are not unique to us. Focus is strongly on personality and character and crafting computer conversation in a specific voice. Target user is a professional writer or designer who wants the power of NLP, ML (and potentially ASR, if voice is involved) in their hands to craft computer conversation. So the basic building blocks of conversations like assertions, interjections, queries, can be represented directly in PullString. As evidence of our efforts in this direction, see examples in market like Lt Reyes from Call of Duty, Hello Barbie, and others. And we do not segregate content from intent from context, instead we present them all together and encourage content creators to develop them in tandem. Direct support for context aware intents falls out of this naturally, and that's a great way to get intents to match with high probability to keep conversations going successfully.
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I've been super impressed with PullString (previously ToyTalk) ever since discussing with some of the smart people behind Hello Barbie earlier this year. There's obviously some very smart people working on this project that understands the space really well. Comparatively speaking, this AI platform is more mature than most of its competitors. Glad to see this coming out of beta and into the hands of users.
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Always find it interesting to see new bot-creation platforms surface all the time... The Botness survey showed these results for what frameworks bot developers are using. What makes this different from the other platforms out there? Or better yet, what makes this the platform to make more people use a standard framework rather than making their own? (I suppose some framework offerings would argue that their platform is aimed at non-developers, but seeing as the bot ecosystem is still in its infancy, bot developers are aplenty) Investors include First Round, Greylock, Khosla and more....pretty decent backing :) You can see the announcement on TechCrunch
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I've had the opportunity to use PullString for the past few weeks. We've been building Bots for businesses @ noapp.io for sometime now. We had several customer commitments and needed a Bot building framework that had a solid conversation engine, programmability, usability and performance. We tried API.AI, Chatfuel, Motion.ai, TextIt.in, FlowXO, Wit, MS Bot framework & some others. With all these platform, we found several shortcomings that prevented US from building anything more than simple bots fast. We were very impressed with Pullstring and have gone with it for most of our bots. The platform is excellent for building conversations where you want to support linear and non-linear dialog. Programmability is great. There are a few missing bits but nothing significant. Pullstring's support has been fantastic. This has been crucial for us given how fast we wanted to deliver the bots to our customers. The other platforms can do well to improve their developer support. @orenjacob, congratulations on an excellent product and a great team!
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@voxpraveen Thanks so much for the comments Praveen, very much appreciate it. We are continuing to develop PullString's capabilities every day, so please send us thoughts and comments you have about how we can further simplify and extend what PullString helps you create in computer conversation, we'd love to hear what you have to say. Also we're going to give Pat a big high five in the office today. He and our entire customer support team loves helping folks out and seeing them succeed, so your comments mean a lot to all of us. Best, Oren
This looks flippin bad ass.